Children & Youth

Our mission is breaking the cycle of poverty one life at a time. We hope to see lives changed, communities impacted, and generations transformed! Most of the people we work with are stuck in generational poverty. The cycle of generational poverty means at least three generations or more have been poor. Good and positive programs will have limited effectiveness as long as children return to the broken family unit environment. Mission Possible Austin is a Family of Ministries that cares for people in the inner-city by connecting and equipping the Body of Christ to make relational investments through solutions-based programs. Listed below are a few ways we are able to provide educational and life skill training while making disciples.

Big Fish Club

Thursday nights from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Big Fish Club is a weekly Bible club for elementary age kids from East Austin. Big Fish Club is similar to a Backyard Bible Club! Volunteers start every night meeting together reviewing the lesson, nightly responsibilities, and praying for their clubs. Volunteers then go into the East Austin communities to enjoy a meal and clubs together. An average club consists of dinner, an interactive Bible lesson, songs, and games. Click below for more information!


Wednesday nights from 6pm-8pm located at 1190 Chicon St. Austin, TX 78702. FUZE is a youth program, partnered with Eastside Community Church, developed to build Christ-centered relationships with middle and high school students. The cycles of poverty have left youth in our community at-risk and under-served. Mentors meet each week to develop relationships, mentor young men and women, and find ways to equip and empower youth through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Click below for more information!

Cornerstone Tutoring

Mondays & Wednesdays from 3:30pm-5:00pm. Leaders in education research for Central Texas identified 3rd grade literacy as one of four systemic problems facing our community. Mission Possible Austin is committed to working with children to break the cycle of poverty one life at a time. Tutoring is a low-commitment, high-impact program that greatly influences our children. Through programs like tutoring allows our volunteers to build Christ-centered relationships, and teach children how to love God with their minds and their work! We currently work with 200+ children a week in low-income apartment communities. The majority of our children are in need of additional tutoring. Click below for more information.


Fostering relationships between teachable children and Christ-honoring adults in order to reach the next generation (and the next generation’s families) with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Mentoring a child is a great way to practice “Life-on-life” relationships! We offer mentoring for children from 4th-12th grade. We ask mentors to commit 2 years to a child meeting three times a month. Mentoring a child could be taking them to church, playing with them, doing homework, going to Big Fish Club or FUZE, or even including them in your holiday plans. A Mentor is a disciple-maker focusing their time on the child and their family. Learn more by clicking below!

Restoration Art Center - RAC

The Restoration Art Center (RAC) is a strategic part of Mission Possible Austin’s Family of Ministries reaching children and families in east Pflugerville, TX. Director Shelley Schreyer, and her team of volunteers, engage predominately minority families with the Gospel through art. The RAC uses art as a platform for building relationships with at-risk children, youth, and limited English-Speaking women. Click below for more information!

Nikos Camping Ministry

“Nikos” is a Greek word meaning “Victory”. The Nikos Camping Ministry exists to connect and equip the church with children from the inner-city for Christ-centered relationships. Mission Possible Austin currently hosts 5 camps a year: Spring Nikos Camp, Restoration Art Camp, Camp Nikos, Youth Leadership Retreat, and Fall Leadership Retreat. Each camp provides a safe place for children to be children, and operates as a venue for Christ-centered relationship to form. Click below for more information!