Children & Youth

Mission: Possible! Austin believes we can break the cycle of poverty one life at a time. One of the most devastating things about poverty is the lack of resources given to children and youth. Many of our children and youth are faced with poor nutrition, lack of quality education, single-parent homes, low-income housing, affordable childcare, places to worship without feeling judged, and more. We believe the easiest way into the family is through the child. Children and youth in low-income communities also face a greater risk of physical and sexual abuse, neglect, and/or trauma. We believe by connecting and equipping the body of Christ (the church) to children and youth in our community, we can see lives changed, communities impacted, and generations transformed.

Big Fish

“It’s Big Fish Club!” is a common shout you might hear on a Thursday night in East Austin. Big Fish Club is a weekly Bible club that meets in 5 low-income apartment communities each Thursday night. Our prayer is to connect and equip the body of Christ to children in East Austin hoping to see life transformation. Big Fish Club is a practical way to share the hope of Christ to children through games, Bible lessons, and dinner.


​FUZE is a program developed and to reach mentor  middle school and high school students. The cycles of poverty have left youth in our community at-risk and under-served. Mentors meet each week to develop relationships, mentor young men and women, and find ways to equip and empower youth through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Leaders are asked to model a lifestyle committed to Christ and engage with their students in a life on life relationship. Together, we believe we can break the cycle of poverty one life at a time.

Cornerstone Tutoring

Leaders in education research for Central Texas identified 3rd grade literacy as one of four systemic problems facing our community. Mission: Possible! Austin is committed to working with children to break the cycle of poverty one life at a time. Tutoring is a low-commitment, high-impact program that greatly influences our children. Through programs like tutoring allows our volunteers to build Christ-centered relationships, and teach children how to love God with their minds and their work!


In many of our low-income communities we see children who come from single parent homes, and many of them do not have a Godly role model. Mentoring children is a practical way to evangelize and disciple children in Christ-centered relationships. Jesus spent his time on earth teaching, healing, and investing into the lives of others. Help make our mission possible by investing in the lives of children in East Austin.

Restoration Art Center

Restoration Art Center (RAC), located on the east side of Pflugerville, is directed by Shelley Schreyer and a great team of volunteers. Art is used as a platform for building relationships with at-risk children, youth, and limited English Speaking women. The Restoration Art Center currently offers two kids clubs, two art shows, several English classes, sewing and art – all free of charge.

Camp Nikos

The Nikos Camping Ministry exists to connect and equip the church with children from the inner-city for Christ-centered relationships. Each camp provides a safe place for children to be children, and operates as a venue for Christ-centered relationship to form. For 20+ years, Camp Nikos has been a place for children to come to know Jesus, thrive in a safe and fun environment, and Christ-centered relationships to form. We now see the next generation of children grown up and serving at Camp Nikos.