Parents FAQ

Parent’s Fequently Asked Questions

Parents: There are common questions about camp. What do I need to bring? How do I sign my child up? 

Child Selection for Camps: All of Mission: Possible! Austin camps are free for children in our programs. Every child attending camp is sponsored by someone else. Because of this, and the limited space at our camps, every child in our program is NOT guarenteed a spot at camp. Camp attendance depends on behavior, program attendance, age/grade, and selection of Mission: Possible! Austin Staff. 

LICELICE CHECKS will take place at the check-in. If your child has lice, they may be sent home and not able to attend this camp. Please make sure you check/treat your child for lice before coming to avoid this*

Medication: Any medication sent to camp HAS TO BE IN ITS ORIGINAL CONTAINER. This is a legal requirement and will be enforced. Medication is collected by the camp nurse and distributed at camp. All prescribed medication will be counted and verified by the camp nurse upon check-in. 

Lost and Found: Mission: Possible! Austin is NOT responsible for lost items. If your child loses an item at camp you can contact Mission: Possible! Austin staff to see if the items were brought back.

Common Packing List for Camps:


Your personal hygiene items and needs – If you wet the bed, bring pull-ups or extra bedding.
* Deodorant/lotion etc.
* Brush/comb
* Toothbrush/toothpaste
* Hat/sunscreen
* Closed toed shoes!
* Shorts, jeans, long pants, 6-7 pairs
* Shirts, 6-7 short sleeve and 1 long sleeve (if mosquitoes are bad)
* A jacket or sweatshirt for layering if it gets rainy.
* Swimsuit (summer camps & fall retreat)
*1 Towel for pool (Please use different towel for creek/pool and showers)
* 2 towels for showers
* Underwear
* Socks
* Pillow, a sleeping bag, sheets
* Bible (Let us know if you do not have your own Bible.)
* Bug spray
* Flashlight

NO KNIVES OR SHARP DEVICES, Firearms, Weapons, Drugs, Alcohol, Electronic Devices, pornography, ETC. These items, if brought to camp, will be collected and returned to the child at the time of drop off. If caught with these items, appropriate authorities, parents, etc. may be notified and your child will be sent home from camp