Rescue, Recover, Restore.

Hesed Homes on Austin’s Eastside

“Hesed” is a Hebrew word that is defined as exceeding love and kindness or grace.

Hesed Homes are occupied by committed Christ-followers who practice biblical hospitality. The homes are specifically designed to care for families who are struggling.

In many situations, parents or guardians may be incapable of providing a safe and caring environment for their children, putting them at risk of abuse and neglect. Hesed Homes create an extended family-like atmosphere that offers support for families through a community of devoted volunteers. Our volunteers are motivated by faith to keep children safe and families intact so that every child can thrive.

Why Hesed Homes?

In the past, an extend family or neighbor would step in to help families in crisis; caring for their children and families for short periods of time.

Today, however, many families are socially isolated, and their extended family is nonexistent, or unable to help. Sadly, this leaves thousands of children at risk.

At Hesed Homes, our short term intervention often allows crisis situations to cool down and provides room to work on real solutions.

Hesed's Objectives

Rescue: Provide a safe and loving environment to keep children and women safe during a family crisis (abuse, neglect, domestic violence, etc.).

Recover: We offer support and the Christian community to recover from their crisis situations. We seek to stabilize families in crisis by surrounding them with a caring compassionate community.

Restore: We connect families to local churches, resources, and services to move them out of crises. We seek to reunite families and reduce the number of children entering the child welfare system.

Let's join hands to make a difference

Your charitable contributions help provide the resources needed to fund our programs, help the poor, and build our community.