Street Pastors

Street Pastors

What’s a Street Pastor?
Street Pastors, commissioned by Mission: Possible! Austin (MPA), are followers of Christ, from local churches, serving the community.

We believe everyone is made in the image of God and loved by God. As followers of Jesus we are called to love and care for our neighbors regardless of age, gender, wealth, poverty, race, creed or sexual orientation. We are nonjudgmental and we will treat each person with integrity and dignity.

Street Pastors are there to care, listen and help. practical deeds. This is accomplished primarily by being present in the community.

Target Areas
Street Pastors will target economically challenged neighborhoods, high crime areas throughout the east-side of Austin particular.

Street Pastors aims to partner with local churches, neighborhood associations, and law enforcement. These partnerships will offer a greater pool of resources, training and volunteer base to enhance the care and well-being of the community.

For more information or to get involved email