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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty One Life at a Time


Lives Changed. Communities Impacted. Generations Transformed.


Through the Gospel and Education

Our Tactics

All of our programs and partners are committed to building relationships with those they serve to break the cycle of poverty one life at a time. From a Biblical worldview, all of our programs are expressed through the Gospel and education.


Mission: Possible! Austin supports the community by providing Biblically based services to children and their families within the inner-city community. We provide volunteering opportunities, mentoring services and internship possibilities to help them build a sustainable future and create stability in their lives.

We are committed to working with partners that will help children and at-risk youth become sustainable community members that contribute to society, complete a higher education, find applicable employment, and become the leaders in their families and community.

Mission: Possible! Austin challenges the status-quo by attempting to raise the norms of the community. We evaluate how to improve our ministries and partnerships to better meet the needs of families and their children in the inner-city. We seek to honor God in our acts of mercy to bring glory to Him.

Our History

Mission: Possible! Austin started in 1992 when Tim Pinson, Sr. began to minister to children living in under-resourced areas of Austin. Tim was inspired by two inner-city programs in Waco: Backyard Bible Clubs in government housing complexes and a church under a bridge for homeless people. He began to believe that something similar could happen in Austin.

In 1992, Project Intercept began connecting with children in East Austin. Outreach expanded into the homeless population in 1993 with Church Under the Bridge beginning to meet once a month. 1993 was also the first year of Camp Nikos, a summer camp for at-risk children. In 1996, Mission: Possible! Austin became a 501(c)(3) and the following year officially moved to the Eastside to office out of Owen’s Garage.

By 1998, Church Under the Bridge was operating every Sunday. In 2003, Mission: Possible! Austin purchased what is now the Child & Family Center. In 2007, Mission: Possible! Austin acquired 1816 & 1818 East 12th Streets, now occupying two corners at 12th & Chicon. In the last few years there has been a strategic focus on partnering with other non-profits for the purpose of generational transformation through community development. Through these partnerships, Mission: Possible! Austin now offers pregnancy resources, children and family programs, anger management and recovery services, and a local community church. In 2017, Mission: Possible! Austin celebrated 25 years of ministry! Mission: Possible! Austin built the Hesed Interventional (or safe) Homes and saw the launching of its strategic partner Eastside Community Church which meets at 1190 Chicon St.

Christian Community Development

We are a part of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA), and the Texas Christian Community Development Network (TxCCDN). We believe more can be accomplished by raising and training new leadership in our community. We seek to create a Christ centered culture that promotes generational transformation.

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