Another Year in the Life of Mission Possible 2019

A Letter from the Executive Director- Tim Pinson Sr.

Another year in the life of Mission Possible. We are excited to say God has faithfully provided for us to reach our projected budget for 2018! Our Family of Ministries continues to grow and thrive, and being involved in ministry to the under-served gives us an opportunity to meet the most wonderful individuals.

This year we have two major infrastructure challenges: roof repair costs of $16,500 on our 100-year-old building and replacing our Church Under the Bridge 1974 sound bus. Taking a step-in faith, we purchased a used surplus city of Austin ambulance and transitioned all the sound bus equipment. We anticipate the final cost to be $13,500. Please consider investing in these projects so that we can continue to break the cycle of poverty one life at a time. As an old friend of mine once said, “The Gospel is free but someone has to put in the plumbing” (see Rom. 10:14).

New Church Under the Bridge Vehicle 

God is good and faithful! We are thankful that He uses us in the process of establishing His kingdom in and around us as we share the hope that lies within. $30,000 is a lot of money to us, but God is faithful and continues to grow His ministry. Mission: Possible! Austin and the ministry God enables would not be possible without the faithful prayers and financial support from His people. We are honored that you have put trust in us to do His work in our community.

Thank You!

Founder, and Executive Director

Mission: Possible! Austin


Give today to help us offset the cost of the new Church Under the Bridge Bus, or contribute towards the needed repairs of our building!


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