Mission: Breaking the cycle of poverty one life at a time.

Vision: Live Changed, Communities Impacted, Generations Transformed. 

We support the community by providing Biblically based services to children and their families within the inner-city community. We provide volunteering opportunities, mentoring services and internship possibilities to help them build a sustainable future and create stability in their lives.

We are committed to working with partners that will help children and hi-risk youth become sustainable community members that contribute to society, complete a higher education, find applicable employment, and become the leaders in their families and community.

We challenge the status-quo by attempting to raise the norms of the community as we continually evaluate how to improve our ministries and partnerships to better meet the needs of families and their children in the inner-city. We seek to honor God in our acts of mercy so that our efforts reflect and bring Glory to Him.

Our Core Values: Justice, Mercy with Humility

How we Accomplish the Mission: Caring responsibly for those in the inner-city through Christ-centered relationships.

Christian Community Development: We believe more can be accomplished by raising and training new leadership in our community. We seek to create a Christ centered culture that promotes generational transformation.

Integrity: We believe in doing what is best for the community. We seek to conduct our ministries and partners in accordance with the highest standards biblically based values. We are committed to being transparent and authentic in all our interactions. We seek to manage our programs with the utmost attentiveness and recognize the responsibility we have in making our community stronger by helping individuals succeed.

Stewardship: We are committed to careful stewardship of the work of ministry within the Body of Christ. We carefully use the time, talents and treasure entrusted to us to care responsibly for underserved individuals in the Inner-city of East Austin. We seek to provide needed services for our friends in the community by creating solutions that address their felt needs. We maintain a strong balance of ministry to the server and the served that brings about long-term sustainable transformation that will impact generations to come.