Big Fish Club

Thursdays from 6:00pm-8:00pm
1190 Chicon St. Austin, TX 78702

Big Fish Club is a weekly gathering of elementary age kids from East Austin. Big Fish Club is similar to a Backyard Bible Club! Volunteers start every night meeting together reviewing the lesson, nightly responsibilities, and praying for their clubs. Volunteers then go into the East Austin communities to enjoy a meal and clubs together. An average club consists of dinner, an interactive Bible lesson, songs, and games.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Community Captain: You would be over a Big Fish Club Team delegating responsibilities, communication to MP staff, and update your team on changes.
  • Teammate: A Big Fish Club teammate is a volunteer who helps the overall team succeed. Your goal is to build relationships with children in the community, lead games and activities, and help in clean up and tear down of club.
  • Mentor: You commit to a minimum of 2 years mentoring a child from Big Fish Club. You would spend 1 hour a week with your child, communicate with their family, and update the MP Staff.


  • Meals: Big Fish Club feeds 150-200 kids a week during the school year. We promote healthy meals! We need food for 150-200 children, Sam’s or HEB gift cards, or average of $300 a month to supply food.
  • Supplies: We always need Basketballs, ball pumps, ball needles, jump ropes, dodge balls, school supplies, and children study Bibles.