The annual Great Thanksgiving Banquet is THIS Sunday, November 22nd under I-35 at 7th Street!  

Mission Possible Austin will also be celebrating its 28th year of serving our city during the Thanksgiving service!!  

One of our volunteers writes: “This banquet offered a little bit of hope to the hopeless this one day.”  Church Under The Bridge serves the street population all year-round.  Anytime a person walks up to Church Under the Bridge we can start them on a road that will change their life.  At Thanksgiving, most people are reminded that we feed the body, but we also care for the mind and spirit of the people in need.  Our programs give them a chance to change their lives.  We offer hope, and a reason to be thankful.  Last year, we provided for 400 individuals in the street community.  We wanted all the people we serve to have a hot, nutritious meal but we also want them to have a warm, loving experience as well.  We think of Thanksgiving as a time to spend with family and friends, and many who attend don’t have those relationships to cling to.  We want to provide a little taste of home for them, and something to be thankful for.  

We hope you’ll plan to be a part of this great celebration this year!  Two ways to be involved: Sponsor a few meals at the banquet for $6.00 per plate, or bring your friends and come help serve the least and last of our society.  We’d love to see you!  Masks and gloves provided!

To give towards Thanksgiving meals, please visit our giving page here and select “Thanksgiving Banquet”