Homelessness in Austin: Our Statement

The City of Austin recently changed an ordinance with the attempt to decriminalize homelessness. This has caused the homeless and street community to start camping on sidewalks, city streets, and other public areas. We have been asked a lot about this issue, and here is our statement from Founder, and Executive Director, Tim Pinson Sr.,

“The homeless do not have the right to live on our streets … They do have the right to receive help. We as Christ followers have the obligation to offer help to those who cannot help themselves, especially the true widows and orphans …

We must learn how to care responsibly… We must address the mental and dependency issues.

We can break the destructive cycle of poverty, one life at a time. The Systemic cause issues must be addressed.

As believers we should not be prejudiced against anyone, we can however be prejudice against crime.”

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