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Podcast featuring MP’s Tim Pinson

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Podcast featuring MP’s Tim Pinson

How did Mission: Possible! Austin get started and what is it all about?


Mission: Possible! Austin’s Founder and Executive Director Tim Pinson was a guest speaker on the podcast Take a listen as Tim shares how Mission: Possible! Austin was started and how MP ministers in surprising ways.


About Adam Ribbeck interviews people whose walk with Jesus may seem a little bit odd.

Why create this podcast?

Because sometimes we put people on pedestals. Those people usually aren’t heroes, and they’re not crazy either– but we paint them into those corners in our mind so we don’t have to deal with the possibility that we could live glorious lives too. So we hope people will listen to these conversations and begin to dream… and wonder… “what could my walk with Jesus be like if I were just a little more… willing?”