Street Pastors

As we have learned more about the broken condition of the family unit and the immeasurable impact on children it has become very clear to us that the hope and love of Christ is best shared through relationships built on trust. This takes time. This takes investment.
We are launching a new ministry “Street Pastors” specifically designed to minister to our neighbors – where they are. Driven by compassion for our neighbors and fueled with love and hope of Christ we will endeavor through consistent presence and availability to love our neighbors through service, mercy and the ministry of presence assisting them as we may.
I recall a time when my birth family was in crisis. Even through the eyes of child I was able to perceive the relief, the encouragement that an angel sent by God in the form or loving hands, encouraging words and lingering presence brought to my parents. This person was a good listener, tender, soft-spoken and a godly partner through a time of great stress. It was the compassion and love of God personified. God sent a shepherd, a pastor. Pray for us as we prepare for and launch this ministry of mercy. Read more here:
Written by Pastor Bill Schreyer