Restoring Hope: Restoration Art Camp 2019

“I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.”

Psalm 121:1-2

As I walk down the hall I am surrounded by robots, tie dye shirts, and smiling kids. I see children smiling, creating art, and loving to learn, all while learning about God as our Creator and Father. I see something in the eyes of the children that transforms the way I see God-I see hope.

Working in urban ministry, I have seen the depravity of poverty and the power of hopelessness. Nothing can can transform us more than the hope and power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit! Working this week at the Restoration Art Camp continues to show me the power of discipleship. Shelley Schreyer is the Director of the Restoration Art Center (RAC) in Pflugerville, Texas and she is also the Art Director at Camp Nikos. Shelley intentionally invests into her awesome team of volunteers and children at the RAC. Throughout the year, she uses tools like art, crafts, games, and even robotics as a pathway to deeper discipleship.

Once a year, Shelley directs the Restoration Art Camp hosted at Hill Country Bible Church Pflugerville. This day camp provides opportunities for the Gospel to shared, teach a Biblical worldview, and make disciples who make disciples. One of the coolest things about the camp is watching her middle and high school students disciple and lead the younger kids (many of them are siblings and cousins). I get to see pure joy on Shelley’s face while watching spiritual fruit being harvested right before her eyes.

The Restoration Art Center (RAC) is more than an after-school program or a typical Bible club. It is a venue for Christ-centered relationships to form, the Gospel to be shared, and disciples to be produced! I see hope being restored into the lives of women and children who fight the cycle of generational poverty. I encourage you to spend a few moments around Shelley and her kids at the RAC, and I guarantee you will walk away blessed.

Written by Jon Rector, Associate Executive Director at Mission Possible Austin.

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