Community Programs in East Austin

Serving Austin’s Eastside Community

Our Community Ministry Programs serves a wide range of people but focuses primarily on serving adults and elderly in our area who have been left behind. We engage with people in the community through Church Under the Bridge, B.A.G.S., and Community Bible Study.

Church Under The Bridge

With a growing homeless population of over 6,000 people in Austin, we as believers have a responsibility to show the love of Christ to all people, no matter who they are. Twice monthly,  CUB provides the homeless a meal, worship,  live music, prayer, fellowship, and a Gospel message to all who attend.


B.A.G.S. (Bringing Assistance of Grace and Service) is a monthly grocery assistance program provided to the elderly, homebound, and low-income families. Volunteers are provided with a box of supplemental groceries to deliver to family’s homes and build relationships with them.

Community Bible Study

Each week we meet at the center for our Community Bible study. Our Bible study provides a warm and central location to hear God’s Word, read Scripture, and give input. These Bible studies are led by Mission Possible Austin staff, but welcomes community participation. Everyone is invited!

Great Thanksgiving Banquet

The Great Thanksgiving Banquet is held the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Attendees are offered a hot meal and fellowship with other attendees who come to serve at the Banquet. Our goal is to offer hope, compassion, and a good meal to those who attend.

Christmas on the Street

Every December Mission Possible Austin raises money to host an annual Christmas on the Street with Church Under the Bridge. At this event, participants receive a new sleeping bag. This provides one practical way to bring relief to those in need.

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