Tutoring in East Austin

Tutoring for Kids on Austin’s Eastside

East Austin’s children face an uphill battle in their journey towards quality education.

A history of segregation and underdevelopment means schools lack funding and struggle to stay open in many communities.

A lack of quality education impacts both individuals and broader communities.

Research shows that students who read for fun get better grades across all subjects than their non-reading peers.

That creates a negative cycle in already vulnerable communities

Students need tutoring at an early age to help them build the right skills and knowledge to complete elementary school, middle school, high school, and beyond.

That’s why timely access to tutoring in East Austin is critical. Low-income students in East Austin need resources and help to empower their success.

Let’s help create a positive cycle instead by tackling the problem at its source.

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Helping East Austin’s Kids with Christ-Centered Tutoring

Taking on the role of tutor only takes a few hours of your time each week but leaves a MASSIVE impact on the life of a child.

Mission Possible Austin reaches children and teens in two local low-income apartment communities with tutoring help. We’d love to expand our impact! We need your help.

Program Details

Ages: Elementary & Middle Schoolers
Date & Time: Mondays from 3:30 pm-5:00 pm
Location: Elm Ridge & Marshall Apartments
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Keep Our East Austin Tutoring Program Running

Mission Possible Austin always needs supplies to fuel our Tutoring in East Austin. AISD general supplies like paper, binders, pencils, and pens are invaluable to our students.

STEM activity kits are vital for building knowledge and essential skills to equip East Austin’s kids for their educational future.

Check out our Amazon Wishlist for specific supply needs. You can order and ship them directly to us!

Ensure East Austin Students Have the Tutoring They Need

Mission Possible only manages to reach our students with tutoring thanks to your volunteer work and financial support.

Your generous support today will help prepare our students for a successful future beyond school.

Give another student a chance at success by donating your time or funds!