My name is Justin Sutter.  Last Summer, I was located in Austin while fulfilling a career experience for Apple.  During my four month stay, I continually prayed for the right church to attend.  I visited a church with a friend, but knew that God had something else planned for me.  One of the reasons I accepted the role was that my family was considering a move to Austin.  There was a new church plant that we believed might be a good fit for us.  Once in Austin, we knew that wasn’t the right fit either.

One night, God spoke to me in a dream.  The message was simple: there are a lot of His people who are one paycheck away from being homeless.  This is something that deeply resonated with me.  Growing up, I was the product of a broken home.  My parents were never married, and my father was an alcoholic and my mother a heroin addict.  I bounced from foster home to foster home.  By God’s grace, and the love of an amazing woman, I escaped a generational curse of addiction and a life behind bars and on the street.  In its place, God put a passion for the streets deeply in my heart.

As I was journaling, God directed to me to start searching out homeless evangelism in Austin.  I soon found Church Under the Bridge.  I knew immediately that was the church I was supposed to attend!  I reached out and soon heard back with an invitation to help set up and tear down the following Sunday.

My experience at CUB was life changing!  As I was dropped off it immediately felt like a battleground.  Such an abundance of brokenness, but I felt right at home.  I knew these people.  I grew up with these people.  I felt at home with these people.  I immediately just started walking around, introducing myself, and praying for people.  I had found my calling.

Serving at CUB was the easy part.  God set it up, and I loved every minute.  The hard part was trying to figure out what I was supposed to do, armed with my new knowledge.  It took a year of prayer and consideration to identify that God is calling me to start a CUB in my city!

I call Portland, Oregon home. Portland is literally called “bridge city.”  As I was praying one morning, I looked at a map of Portland and counted all the bridges that crossed.  I felt a stir in my heart saying “each one of those bridges can be a church for my people.”  Portland is broken in so many ways, but I believe God has called my family here to start a revival amongst his people.  My heart yearns to speak power and salvation over God’s homeless children that are everywhere in my city.  Tents line my streets, and the civil unrest is now national news.  God is ready to move here, and I can’t wait to get started!

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