I was 3 when my life changed forever. After hearing gunshots, my dad went outside of our home to see if anyone needed help. Dad didn’t come back. Mom found dad dead outside with a knife in his abdomen, and my uncle was shot in the head. A lady neighbor yelled, “get back in the house or you will be killed too.” Our lives would never be the same.
My mother played the role of both parents, and years later, she became really sick. I had to quit my job and move-in with my mom. I loved her dearly, and she I did not want her to lose her home. I am a mother of 10, and we were doing fine until the floods in Bastrop in 2016-we lost everything. My mother has now passed away, we lost everything, and the father of my children suffered two heart attacks leaving us desperate. We were hopeless.

The ladies at Lifeline PRC have stepped in and helped us tremendously. They helped me get prescriptions for my children, helped us get food, and given me classes. Thanks to their coaching, I am re-enrolling to school to renew my certificates for phlebotomy and clinicals! Two of my children have applications in for environmental services at Dell’s Seton Medical Center.

It has been 3 years since I quit work to take care of my mom. Since she passed, we have had multiple traumatic events in our family. One of my daughters was sexually molested by a teacher, one of my daughters was struck by a drunk driver and was almost killed, and have lost everything in the flood. Lifeline PRC has helped us in so many ways, and now we are connected with Eastside Community Church. We feel welcomed there, and are excited to be in a community of brothers and sisters. Thank you to Lifeline PRC and everyone who has touched me and my family’s lives.
Thank you,

Lifeline Pregnancy Resource Center is one of the ministries at Mission Possible Austin serving women and children in East Austin. We have the opportunity to DOUBLE YOUR FINANCIAL GIFT up to $10,000 until December 31st 2019! Lifeline PRC is also in need of diapers, baby wipes, new car seats, and other baby items. Contact Cindy Pinson at cindyp@mpaustin.org for more information.

Thank you for your ongoing support, giving, and prayers for Lifeline PRC and Mission Possible Austin!