To whom it may concern:
I would like to give my experience with Lifeline Pregnancy Resource Center to hopefully keep the motivation to the amazing people or entities that support this place.
Lifeline has been for me a place where I found great resources that helped me navigate through my pregnancy.  This center is a great source of information and education for those mommas and dads as well that want to learn about parenting.  Its also an amazing place where you can find supplies that are so helpful in the parenting journey.  In my personal experience Lifeline has been also a place where I could go and feel loved through the prayers and the caring that Cindy and Marsha have provided me and my family.
As a really nice memory of my time going to the center, I’d like to share about the day I went there and had an ultrasound and saw the heartbeats of my two babies.  It was so liberating knowing that they were OK.  When I left the center I called my husband and started crying.  It was a cry of happiness and gratitude.  I felt blessed for having the opportunity to see them andI felt so relieved that they were OK that it helped me to have an easier waiting for my doctor appointment that was a couple of weeks away.
I’m so thankful for all the resources that I have received in this center that I would love for this letter to be an encouragement for all the people that support this amazing place to keep doing it.  The positive impact that it creates in families like mine and in the community is invaluable.
Thanks to you all!
– Maylin

Maylin and Family