Meet Imelda: Camp Nikos 2019

Summer is quickly approaching, and this year we are hosting three summer camps for inner-city children and youth ages 6-18. At Camp Nikos, Restoration Art Day Camp, and our Youth Leadership Camps, we will be learning about creation! Our theme  is “Pirates: Tales of Creation” where campers will be taught about who created them, why they were created, and what that means for them. Every day will be full of devotionals, lessons, games, and activities teaching them about our Creator and His creation.

At the last Camp Nikos, we learned how to face our fears. Imelda, pictured here, was a camper at Camp Nikos. Imelda struggles with fear at night to the point of tears. To help her, one night at camp we began singing and doing the motions to our memory verse, 2 Timothy 1:7. I shared with her how God is always with us when we’re scared, and His Word is part of the Armor of God. She was able to get back in her bed while singing the memory verse, and had no trouble going to sleep…which is the first time ever for this sweet girl!

At Camp Nikos, we get to experience life with these kids and help them develop new habits that point them to Christ. Imelda remembered how God helped her fall asleep. The next night, she was able to do this herself without the staff’s help. In our camps, we are able to use real life scenarios to make the Gospel connect! This cannot happen without your help.

Every year we host five camps, and three of those are in the summer. Our annual fundraising goal is $103,000, and to-date we have received $18,165. This is a big gap, but every year we continue to operate in faith. Your generous gift of $375 will provide a child the opportunity to have a life-changing experience at one of our camps. With your support, we will continue to see lives changed, communities impacted, and generations transformed.

*Give online at and select “Nikos Camping Ministry” or mail a check to Mission: Possible! Austin at PO Box 142076 Austin, TX 78714, and in the memo line write “Camp Nikos”. *

Thank you in advance for your continued prayers and support. We at Mission Possible can’t wait for another summer of God working greatly in the lives of children, youth, and volunteers through this vital camping ministry!


Jessica Post

Child & Family Director

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