Meet Roger: Seeing Big Fish Club’s Impact

“It’s fun and cool and helps you stay away from all the bad stuff.”  Roger said about Big Fish Club. Roger has been involved in Big Fish Club since 1st grade. At Big Fish Club, he is able to learn Bible stories, eat dinner, and build relationships with mentors. Roger is a part of the Elm Ridge Apartment Community, and even when most of the older boys won’t come, Roger still does. So many of our kids are surrounded by negative environments. For one of our programs to bring love and hope instead of adding to ‘all the bad stuff’ …it cannot get better than that!

I asked Roger how Big Fish Club has helped him, and he immediately answered, “improving in my anger issues”. We not only get to teach these kids about the hope found in Jesus, but also walk alongside them in things they’re struggling with—like anger management. I’ve gotten to know Roger more and more over the past couple of years he’s lived there and seen how much he has matured and grown. He does still struggle with his anger sometimes, but I see him trying so hard now and implementing things he has learned to help him. He will be FUZE age next year and too old for Big Fish Club, so we pray that he would continue in our programs and develop into a positive leader in the community!  

Written by Jessica Post

Child & Family Director

Mission: Possible! Austin

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