A letter written to Mission Possible from one of our Lifeline Pregnancy Resource Center clients, Astrid, about her experience:

“Dear Mission Possible,

I’ve been coming to the Lifeline Pregnancy Resource Center for three months now. My baby, Ander, was three months old when I first started coming. I have two other school-aged children who are already ages 10 and 8, but I found Lifeline after searching for some help for new moms online.

I didn’t have an appointment the first time I came to Lifeline but I knew I needed some help. I was struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety but I didn’t know why. It was very  confusing to me since I didn’t have these kinds of feelings happen when I had my other two  children, but after watching the video on postpartum depression that’s part of the parenting classes available at Lifeline, I realized that I  could check off all the boxes for every symptom listed!

After that, I started seeing a social worker who also helped me some, but it was  meeting Marsha, my Lifeline Advocate and hearing about all the resources available here that made me feel like I could also benefit from the parenting classes offered through Lifeline.

By talking with Marsha and coming regularly to the center, I found the support I needed. It was through the parenting class that I learned that I’m not the only one who struggles with postpartum depression. Many new moms have this experience but often they don’t get help because they don’t know why they are having these types of feelings. Sometimes they are afraid or embarrassed or they may not even know that help is available.

I started to come every week to Lifeline & it helped me tremendously. Marsha would also keep in touch & check on me via text as well. I could feel myself progressing and as the clouds of depression started lifting, I began to enjoy getting out more & more. Soon, I was spending more  time with my children. Now we go to the park three times a week and I’m enjoying it!

Besides emotional help, I’ve been able to take additional classes on infant care and effective parenting strategies which have also been very helpful. Even though I was already a parent, the classes offered through Lifeline give me lots of new ideas and the information presented in them is up to date. (It has been awhile since my older children were infants.) Watching the educational  videos & discussing what’s presented in them with Marsha has helped me to be a better mom!

Lifeline has also supplied other things that we needed for our new baby. I’ve received diapers, clothing, toys, and even a high chair for the baby. Thank you so much!

I would definitely recommend the Lifeline Pregnancy Resource Center at Mission Possible to any woman who thinks she may be struggling with postpartum depression or who just needs a little emotional support – both  during her pregnancy & afterwards as a new mom.

I’m so grateful for the women at Lifeline & I would like to personally thank the staff for all the support and care they have shown me during a very difficult time of my life! I’m much happier now & I look forward to getting out & seeing them each week.”