What’s happening at FUZE?

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FUZE: Ages 12-18

Tmori is one of five guys in our FUZE ministry who accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior in March 2017!

Tmori started coming to FUZE on and off in 2016 with his siblings. As he started coming more consistently he started building relationships with the leaders. Tmori and I hit it off; during our teaching sessions, he would listen intently.

We did a series on prayer and studied why Jesus taught us how to pray. The FUZE group had the opportunity to join the Eastside Community Church prayer night on our campus. The next week we wrapped up the series of prayer by breaking up in small groups and praying for each other.

My small group consisted of one other leader and five guys. We answered questions about sin, salvation, and what a relationship with Jesus looked like. Tmori was the oldest high school guy and he confessed and asked Jesus to come into his life!

All 5 guys decided to make the decision after confessing sin and learning about the life-change in Jesus! After sharing and celebrating as a group we matched up each guy with a discipleship mentor.

Tmori and I started began to meet once a week. I gave him a new student study Bible, and we are discussing the next steps in his faith journey! Tmori encourages me every week that all things are possible with God. I am excited and so grateful serve with committed donors and volunteers that make FUZE a reality.