“Mission Possible has helped me know God, grow spiritually, and know the community better.” Wilbert said to me with a big smile on his face. I started working for Mission: Possible! Austin in 2014, and one of the first people I met was Wilbert. “Will” as we sometimes call him is a gentle spirit, always has jokes to tell, and is involved in about every Bible study and community program we offer. Wilbert first discovered Mission: Possible! Austin when he was invited by a friend to attend Church Under the Bridge in 2006.

Wilbert at MPA in 2019

At Church Under the Bridge, Wilbert met Pastor Dwayne who ran Church Under the Bridge for Mission: Possible! Austin, and Mike Featherstone who currently directs Church Under the Bridge. “When Pastor Dwayne was alive, he started to invest in me, disciple me, and brother Mike Featherstone still does today” said Wilbert.  Over the years Wilbert has been involved in Bible studies, Church Under the Bridge, our old café, and numerous special events. Today, Wilbert volunteers for Church Under the Bridge, still attends our weekly community Bible studies, and invites several street and homeless folks to Church Under the Bridge.

Dwayne and Mike are like Batman and Robin of my spiritual life. I am thankful for the years of people investing in my life.” Wilbert said laughing. Almost every morning I get to see Wilbert around 12th & Chicon, and he always brightens my day. If you get a chance to meet Wilbert you will walk away laughing or encouraged. I asked Wilbert why he still hangs around Mission: Possible! Austin, and he replied, I’ve been here a long time, built some great relationships, and I know Mission Possible really blesses others.”

Wilbert reading the Bible in 2009

People like Wilbert encourage me. Not only do they brighten up my day, but they encourage me to continue serving in this ministry. Through ministries like Church Under the Bridge we are able to build Christ-centered relationships and see real life change happen. Your ongoing prayer and financial support allow this to happen. Thank you for being apart of a community of change.

Jon Rector,

Associate Executive Director

Mission: Possible! Austin