2023 Ministry Highlights

We have seen God move in so may individual lives in all our various ministry areas this past year. Below are some praises we wanted to share!


Miguel has been part of the Restoration Art Center for over ten years. He has been a part of our leadership team for the last year. This past semester he has grown into a Bible teacher and enthusiastic encourager to all of our teens and younger attendees. I am very proud of him!    ~ Shelley, RAC Director

I have been teaching on the Sermon on the Mount at Church Under the Bridge for months and two weeks ago spent time praying with two believers who are homeless that asked me to pray with them. They had such a trust that God was taking care of them despite their situation. My message that Sunday had been an introduction to the Lord’s Prayer and that we have the amazing grace to approach Him as Our Father. I promised that next time I would teach the Lord’s Prayer and his message ‘this is how you should pray’. They came up to me on Sunday disappointed because they came hoping to be taught how to pray. In the chaos that can be CUB it is easy to forget that there are people truly hungry to hear the word. I was so encouraged by them!   ~ Simon, CUB Leadership

This is Sandra & her daughter, Camilla, whose eyes lit up at seeing all the holiday outfits. She got to pick out a cute Christmas purse. Thank you for all the donations we’ve recently received for Lifeline Pregnancy Resource Center!

We’ve gotten to know many sweet families at our newest apartment complex for programming this past year! These sisters come to Big Fish Club every week, attended our Summer Day Camp, and their mom shopped at our Christmas Toy Store. We’re so thankful for how the relationship with this family, and many others like them, have deepened throughout this year!

This is Le’Autre, who decided to follow Jesus this year! He has been an incredible encouragement to us as we’ve seen him grow, be challenged, and pursue Jesus. We’ve had the privilege of knowing Le’Autre since middle school as he’s been involved in Fuze, Leadership Retreats, our Youth Leadership Initiative, and even was a counselor at Camp Nikos last summer! We’re honored that we get to be apart of his life and how we get to continue living for Jesus together.