Camp Stories: Spring Nikos Camp

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Monica's Story

Everyone loves a vacation – a chance to escape the cares of daily life and to have fun. This is especially true for the children we serve at Mission: Possible! Austin, who for many of them, Nikos Camps are the only vacation they go on. Your partnership allows us to provide these camps, and during Spring Break, we host Spring Nikos Camps where the kids in our community get to take a break, have fun, and hear about Jesus when they have the week off of school.

Because of you, girls like Monica get to come to camp. Monica is a fun, happy girl who enjoys swimming and games.

During cabin activity, Monica fell and hurt her back. While Monica was resting at the nurse’s cabin, nurse Sophia prayed with Monica for her back. As Monica rested, Nurse Sophia began to talk with her about Jesus!

A little later Mr. Jon the Camp Director came in to check on Monica. Mr. Jon and Monica talked about what it means to accept Jesus into your heart, and what it meant to follow Jesus every day. They talked about sin, Jesus dying on the cross in our place, and that He is alive! Monica made the decision to make Jesus her personal Lord and Savior! Mr. Jon gave her a Bible with her name in it. Monica was so excited she could not wait to tell her friends about Jesus and her new Bible.

Due to Monica’s high level of pain we were waiting for her grandmother to come and take her home. By the time grandma arrived, just a couple of hours, Monica had very little pain! Monica wanted to stay at camp and rejoin her new friends. By the end of the day Monica was running and jumping with her cabin mates.

Every time Monica saw Mr. Jon she smiled and talked about Jesus. Monica is a great example of why we “do” camp! Praise the Lord with us and pray for Monica and her new walk of faith with Christ our King!

Je’Lyne and Xavier's Story

Je’Lyne (middle) and Xavier (bottom) had never met before Mission: Possible! Austin Spring Nikos Camp. Both boys are fun, crazy, and sweet all at the same time. Xavier came up to me and said, “Mr. Jon, I was mad at you because you didn’t put me with my friends. But, I’m not mad at you anymore because I have all these new friends!” Xavier put his arm around Je’Lyne and said, “like him! He’s my new friend!”

Later in the week I noticed Xavier was outside of his cabin with his camp counselor. He looked like he was in trouble. As I walked up he looked me in the eye and started to cry. I asked Xavier what was wrong and he said, “I pushed Je’Lyne but we were just playing around, but I hurt him. He hit me, but I didn’t WANT to hurt him!” He was so sad about hurting Je’Lyne’s feelings! I asked Je’Lyne to join us with his counselor. I asked Je’Lyne what happened and he started crying! He said, “We were just playing around and he pushed me. I didn’t WANT to hit him! But I had to!” I explained to the boys how we don’t fight. This was a perfect example to talk about grace and forgiveness! We talked about how people hurt Jesus, yet He still died for us. We don’t have to retaliate no matter what the world teaches us. Before I could even tell them what to do, Xavier turned to Je’Lyne (still crying), hugged him, and asked for forgiveness! Both boys apologized and forgave each other. They were best friends again!

Je’Lyne and Xavier reminded me during camp that no matter what happens to me I am able to love others. Christ died for the people that hurt him, so can I love others even when they hurt me. Those two boys challenged and encouraged me to live obedient to Christ. I thank God for kids like Je’Lyne and Xavier!