From the Executive Director (Spring 2017 Interceptor)

Through Christ all things are possible. Over the years of serving in our city we have learned many things that could not have been understood had we not faced the impossible from a human perspective.

Fourteen years ago, when we were thinking of purchasing an abandoned old church at 12th and Chicon many loving friends wanted to protect me from making a “big mistake”. From a human perspective, it seemed impossible to establish a Mission in such a dangerous neighborhood with crime, drug dealers, and prostitutes.

One night as I was praying about this, God allowed me to come under intense spiritual attack. I was left deeply shaken; my whole body was gripped with fear. Mistakenly, I thought God had spoken to me. After this there was no way I was going to pursue the purchase of this property. In fact, I planned on never returning. Driving home very upset, I called my wife Cindy and told her, “I think I just heard from God about purchasing the old church.” She quickly said, “Are you sure it was God you heard from; God does not communicate fear!” What a confirmation!

Today, Mission: Possible! Austin is located in one of the most sought after real-estate zip codes in the city. Some have encouraged us to move, investors are offering unbelievable amounts for the property, but we believe God provided this real-estate to make a transformational difference in this community.

  • There are seven major government housing developments within one mile of our location. God has opened the doors enabling us to have children programs that reach into these neighborhood developments with the hope and transforming love of Christ.
  • God has enabled us to partner with the Eastside Community Church on our campus that serves as a discipling Body of Christ in the once abandoned 12th & Chicon chapel.
  • God has led others ministries like the Heart of Texas Pregnancy Resource Center and Nineveh Ministries to serve young moms and incarcerated youth in the community.
  • At this location, God has provided a place for Substance Abuse Recovery Programs for those struggling with dependency issues.
  • Through God’s provision at 12th and Chicon, a new Hesed Housing Development will serve as interventional housing for families that find themselves in crisis situations and in need of a short-term plan to get help they need.

In Christ, what appeared impossible is possible, loving and serving our neighbors!

A few months ago, Mission: Possible! Austin received a letter from the Austin police department notifying us that Church Under the Bridge attenders would soon be subject to arrest for criminal trespass. It looked like this ministry that has served the least and last of our society for 23 years was coming to an end. Fear again began to move us to consider closing the CUB services; but fear is not from God!

After months of investigating, meeting with the police and city council members the city began to understand and recognize the value that Mission: Possible! Austin brings to the city. Despite this, the threat of arrest remained.

We called the Mission: Possible! Austin support community to prayer!

A few weeks later, the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) contacted us for a mandatory meeting. By this time, we were emboldened and were prepared for a “righteous fight”; but God went before us. As we walked into the TXDOT offices we immediately noted a peaceful spirit. I truly believe that everyone in the room was a believer! Shortly after the meeting began, the decision maker said, “I am under a higher mandate than this situation. My wife told me that if I close down the Church Under the Bridge I am not to come home!”. He and his wife were believers that served at Church Under the Bridge for years.

TXDOT is now in the process of defining a perpetual, no cost, permit with the blessing of our city to assemble, worship God, and preach the Gospel serving the street people at Church Under the Bridge! God is so good! In Him; our Mission is truly possible!
As always, His peace and our deepest appreciation,

Tim Pinson, Sr.
Executive Director

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